I will lead your ship safely to the success
among many of the icebergs of doing business in China.

About me: My name is Evgeny Bazhov, I am an advisor for transformation and business consultant.
Since 2004 I have been living and doing business in China. I hold an Executive MBA and PhD degree in Business Management.
I have authored 7 books about doing business in China, in which I share my knowledge and experience.

China Market Mindsets

Established good relationships with Chinese official regulators and policy makers.

Connected with more then 1000 distributors

Understanding China’s Culture & Business Environment.

Online & Offline Marketing in China

Established relationships with online platforms and
offline retail chains.
Experience in the cooperation with the Fulfillment agents and supply chain procurement.

77% of the clients becomes constant partners

There are corporations and private companies among my clients.

Experience is a great teacher, but smart ones learn it second hand.

Access to our real cases and unique practice examples. Will help you create a plan, tailored to your company and situation.

Growth is a result of proper prioritization

If You do it right from the beginning, you will have everything: GREAT CAREER, MONEY, SALES. Starting off on the wrong foot brings too many negatives: BANKRUPTCY, DISMISSAL, SCANDALS, and LONELINESS.
I work with those willing to make priorities right!
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My team will analyze your situation free of charge and based on their analysis I will give you personal advice “if you are ready for China?”.

Why you should test market your products first before launching in China? You can read in my book “Dark Side of the Chinese Market”.

How to bring foreign goods to the Chinese online sales market? You can find detailed instructions in my book «Online commerce in Chin»

Our whole life is a series of negotiations. Who knows how to negotiate with the Chinese, achieves success!